Wednesday, November 14, 2012

These Hands

Hola! That seems like a more appropriate greeting at the moment due to mags is going to the DR!!!!!!! sooo excited for you Mags girl. The mission has high highs and low lows and everything and anything in between. You will be incredible and will love every minute I know it.

We had another great week. Time is going so quickly. I can hardly believe it is already the second week of November. It continues to be stressful leading the area and feeling the pressure of needing to know where to go and what to teach but I am grateful for it. I am learning a lot and at a rapid pace. Also, a highlight of the week was while I was in the girls bathroom at the only fast food restaurant in Ligao, Jollibee. I was asking a little girl her name and how old she was, in Tagalog. Another Sister walked out of the stall and said, “Sister Christensen, was that you talking? I thought it was a Filipina!” I was overjoyed and elated. That being said I still feel very out of the loop when it comes to speaking. I am pro at pretending like I know what it going on.

Also, in the Philippines there is a large processional that takes place when some one passes away. All the family and friends ride triceys and walk behind the hurst on the way to the cemetery. We were walking out of our apartment earlier this week and a quite large processional was heading our way. As we passed by hundreds of little brown eyes were on the two sister missionaries. One little boy yelled out “hello.” I turned, smiled at him and returned the greeting. Now, seeing that this was a funeral procession one would think that this group would be somber and quiet. My returned greeting proved the opposite. The crowd suddenly broke into a loud round of cheers and waving hands. I turned bright red and was laughing hysterically. Unfortunately due to the size of the crowd this went on for a good few minutes. I had been thinking about taking up a profession in Hollywood, I think however I will just stick to Public Relations. Less attention.

Our branch had our primary program yesterday and no matter where you are in the world the primary program is the best sacrament meeting of the year. Because we never know who is going to make it to church and a practice is nearly impossible seeing as people can hardly afford to come to church once a week - the primary president had printed off all the parts and was handing them out to the kids on the stand as they came up to speak. It was still really cute!

I have been thinking a lot about the power of our hands. The mechanics of our hands is magnificent. There is beauty in the hands of the elderly, the wrinkles and cracks of time and experience show of a life well lived. The perfect softness of the hands of a new baby signify new life and purity. The hands of my friends here bare the signs of cooking over a hot fire stove, holding a sickle for hours in the rice fields, and calluses from washing clothes in the rive. I have been thinking about what my hands might represent if one were to look at them. Right now I have a few short months when I can try to work as the hands of the Lord. I hope that if someone were to see my hands they would show signs of his work. At times I overwhelming realize how little I can do because of my lack of knowledge with the language and the customs. I feel that I cannot deliver powerful sermons with my mouth or convince people of truths with convincing words. I can however serve them, I have two hands that I am willing to devote to this work. I know that the lord qualifies us for that which He needs us to do. An old English writer once said, “If I cannot give bountifully yet I will give freely and what I lack in my hand I will supply in my heart.” I cannot give something WITH my hands but I surly can give of my hands.

The transfer is flying by and going so well. Sister Dabon is fantastic and we are best friends. She is an amazing cook and we eat delicious vegetables all the time, with rice of course. She is teaching me to cook some things. She has also made an entire bucket list of foods I have to eat before the transfer is over. I am a little nervous about the condition of my stomach but when in Ligao….

I hope you are all doing well, I love the pictures. I cant believe how much snow is in Salt Lake City. It feels like a different world because it is so hot here. I guess in a way it is a different world. Congrats again on the mission call! It is a great time to be on the Lords side, he needs his army. Good luck with the snow.

Love from the pines,

Sister Meish


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