Monday, March 11, 2013

Traveling Banana Bread Man

Dear Family!

What a week. It is the end of another transfer. The last transfer was 7 weeks instead of 6 because all the missionaries in the field had an extra 2 weeks added on to their missions. Even though there was an extra week, the time went quickly. It is hard to believe that I have already been in Goa for 7 weeks. But neither my companion nor I is being transferred from the area. We have a lot of progressing investigators right now so I think it will be helpful for us both to stay here and continue to work with them.

This week we had the baptism of Jelissa, Crisanto’s little sister! She is 11 years old and right around the time I got to Goa she told her mom she wanted to be baptized. This family has been so prepared. There is such a wonderful energy that comes from watching the spirit work with them and slowly change and unite their family. There is also another young man in that family, Jezrell, that I have talked about who is progressing toward baptism. The other night as we sat in the darkness under a banana leaf roof, with only a few candles glowing, I listened to the humble prayer that came from Jezrell’s heart. I was grateful in that dark night as I listened to the prayer of this 17 year old boy in a red t-shirt who no longer has an earring and no longer drinks, say a sincere prayer to a loving Heavenly Father. Yesterday their family arrived at church in a padyak and there was Jezrell wearing the white shirt we gave him. Our ward mission leader helped him tie his tie and I felt that sweet peace run through me. How grateful I am that the gospel is true.

Elder Cristofferson said, “The good will triumph because of Jesus Christ, whereas without him we would have no chance. We can feel peace and that peace is very sweet.”

In other news…. There is a man that has a traveling bread store attached to his motorcycle and he drives past our apartment some mornings at six o clock. We dash down the stairs to catch him and I have bought warm banana bread a few times this week. My favorite fruit here is mango; they have yellow mangos and green mangos. The green ones are kind of sour and we dip them in salt and they are so good. Of course, the yellow can’t be replaced, they are the original.

We have tried tracting a few times in some of the nicer areas. It is tough! Even though people are nice they usually say they are busy; but hey we are planting seeds one at a time and hoping to find some sincere seeker.

I read Speen’s blog.  He kills me! I wish I was in his district in the field. He is so funny! I got an email from Meg. I wonder how much time they have on the computer. She must be a speedster at the emailing thing. I barely had time to write you guys.


I think about them a lot and it is interesting how I gain strength from my siblings that are miles and miles away.

Things are great I love you all and am so grateful for you and your support.

Hope all is well in SLC, Provo, and the Dominican.

Love from the Pines,

Sister Meish

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