Wednesday, June 19, 2013

John Paul and Eric

Happy Fathers day to all the fathers that just so happen to skim through this letter, especially my JR.   Happy Fathers day dad! I tried to send a film clip of me wishing you a happy fathers day but that just was not wanting to work; you’ll just have to read it in black and white. I love you dad. Thanks for being my friend and my father. 

We had a great week; it felt long because the days were so full.  We went to the first ever Mission Leadership council on Tuesday so that was exciting.  It was neat to see the behind the scenes part of the mission.  I had no idea that our missionary work could be broken up into 4 separate graphs haha.  We discussed the successes and concerns of the mission.  We found out a little more about what exactly we will be doing.  We will be going on exchanges every week until the end of the transfer. The area farthest out is 4 hours away, so we will be doing quite a bit of traveling.  Sister Farnes is such a trooper and so good at going with the flow.  I feel bad her training has kind of been hijacked but she is a great sport!

John Paul (13) and Eric(10) Loma’s baptism went so well! Sister Loma was telling us that Eric was throwing a small temper tantrum before the baptism because he wanted to look nice and his clothes were dirty.  He ended up trading outfits with his younger brother! They both looked very handsome.  We gave them little CTR rings after the baptism (thanks KT for the supply) and then on Sunday Eric gave me this fuzzy hair clip thing – no clue where he got it but it is so darling! On Sunday we were talking about temples in our gospel essentials class, specifically family sealing and Sister Loma had teary eyes.  She is so excited for her baptism on the 6th and then getting ready for them all to go to the temple.  She told me this week she has seen changes in herself.  Time and time again I have realized that is really the point of the gospel to give us the hope and faith to make changes. 

A few weeks ago Meg noted a quote by Mother Teresa about prayer…. “I used to pray that God would feed the hungry, or do this or that, but now I pray that he will guide me to do whatever I am supposed to do, what I can do.”

 I have thought a lot about this quote and have made an effort to change my prayers.  I have been asking for the strength to talk to everyone and be led to those who are prepared.  Last week we met sweet Avalina, she is 85 years old and still as active as they come.  She is the treasurer for a committee in their Barangay and has a fire for life.  We were able to share a lesson with her and it was wonderful…. However she told us she is a Roman Catholico and will die a Roman Catholico but she wants us to keep coming back.  I told Sister Farnes about the quote after we left the appointment and she laughed and said, “that’s what you get for following a Mother Teresa quote.”

Every single night the sky is lit up with the most magnificent lightning shows.  Most of the time as we are walking back we don’t need our flashlights because every few seconds it is almost that the sun comes back out. 

We have become addicted to making pop corn on our gas stove.  We put the cornels in a pan with oil and then shake it back and forth over the flame.  Oh the things you learn on a mission.

It was independence day this week… there were no BBQ’s or fireworks, but there were lots of Filipino flags flying. 

Speen! Happy happy birthday!!!!! Hope you have a great b-day on the mish…. Go buy some delicious treat on your way home from teaching! Sure love ya kid and I am so grateful you are my baby brother. 

Love always from the pines,

Sister Christensen 

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