Thursday, March 31, 2011

And so it Begins..

Here I go, entering blog country. Up until quite recently I have been a little hesitant to jump into this realm of the world wide web. This hesitation is due mostly to the fact that I don't know how I feel about writing for unknown readers, ones whom I can't see as they critic this technoligic version of my thoughts. So all you readers out there, all I can say is judge kindly. Regardless of this fear, I am going to blog. This task will be conquered. The next three months of my life are going to be nothing less of insane/amazing, I know they are going to be quite memorable. So much, in fact, that I believe they should be shared via cyberspace. I am trading in my comfortable bed, familiar bathroom, and my mom's famous weekly Cafe Rio style dinner, for life on the road and living off of anything that can fit in a suitcase weighing under 50lbs. Two weeks from today I am going to be cruising the beaches in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii with my parents, siblings and our darling relatives, the Greg and Marion Christensen family. The plan is to be in Honolulu for a few days before traveling to the neighboring island of Maui. I can't wait! Sorry school, I am going to be neglecting you terribly for the remainder of the semester. I have a feeling school will forgive me and will still be there when I get home. I have to believe this in order to justify skipping out for a week and a half. Three days after we return home from Hawaii, I am jumping on another plane and heading to LONDON for study abroad! I wanted to start a blog in order to document my time in London. I am starting a few weeks early, hopeful, that I will be a seasoned blogger by the time I enter the UK. In all honesty.... I may have an ulterior agenda for this blog. My sister, Megan, went to India on a humanitarian trip in November. While in India, the kids had the opportunity to post on a blog, so their loved ones back home could hear from them. My dad, was literally on the YMAD blog constantly. Thanks to his multiple sources of Internet access (cell phone, lap top, work computer, home computer and iPad) he was able to check the blog at all hours of the day. My blog really is a test of his love. After I cross the pond, will the blog checking dedication remain the same for his oldest child? I love you dad! Thanks for letting me go abroad. xoxo Anyway, ready or not....

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