Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Break Recap

For Spring Break we went down to Mexico and stayed in a beach house! It was a blast. We stayed right on the beach in a house with about 25 people. No be headings occurred. But the week did contain: surfing, nearly burning down four-wheelers, service, constant singing and dancing, hip hop breakfast, an intricately decorated fire pit on the beach, horseback riding, ping pong, card games, lots of beef dinners, volleyball, soccer, botchi ball, sand art and so much fun!!
Costco stop. One week of food filled six cars to the brim! Boys eat a lot!!!

Painting a building at a local orphanage

View from our back porch

Dinner crew!
Horse back riding on the beach

On the last night we went to a local cantina for pina coladas. There was live music and the boys were in heaven dancing their hearts out.

Our beach house
The boys on one of their nightly sunset surf sessions

It was a week to remember!

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  1. Meish! i love your blog! Now we can be blog friends! :)
    I miss yyouuu!!! i feel like I have not see you for SOOO long!! I had no idea you are leaving for London...that is SO cool! Lets please do something before you leave!!