Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Leaves Please

I have noticed that children's songs are recycled through the generations.  Did you sing "Going on a Bear Hunt?" Whether it was in Boys Scouts, Girl Scouts, day camp, preschool or maybe nursery, did you sing? For me it was singing class in the first grade. Every Friday, Ms. Sponbeck, Mrs. Lloyd and Ms. Coleman would heard us all together to sing.  There were actions to "Going on a Bear Hunt" so it was one of my favorites, I knew all the words.... I still do (they are ingrained in my brain).  We would gather on the carpet and as a first grade we would recite the words:

"We're going on a bear hunt
We're gonna catch a big one
and I'm not afraid!"

The song proceeds to give examples of many different obstacles that we, as singers, are faced with in order to continue on our bear hunt.  Tall grass, large mountains, muddy swamps... they're all difficulties that must be overcome to reach our bear.  Sitting on that short cut carpet every Friday I would sing:

"can't go over it
can't go under it
can't go around it
guess I'll have to go through it"

Man, those children's song writers knew what they were talking about.  I mean who hasn't had an experience that you would give anything to just be able to just "go around it."  I have.  I am facing something in my life right now, that feels almost all consuming.  My yesterday, today, and most likely tomorrow is filled with this.  And this is issues is causing me to want so badly to pick any other option other than "going through it."

But I suppose that would defeat the point.  Life isn't supposed to be comfortable and easy all the time.  I would say very rarely do we encounter utter ease.  We have to work, work hard, work as hard as we can - even if it is just to stay afloat.  Because that hard work is the best thing we could do for ourselves and there will come a point that treading water wont be necessary anymore.  Life is tough - it is going to continue being tough for... always.  Tough is okay though, tough times are what make us tough people.  Cause the truth is, we can do it, we were made to survive and adapt and change and grow. 

In my singles ward, at Fast and Testimony meeting, nearly everyone notes on a hard time they are going through or a difficult situation they are trying to overcome.  We are all struggling through -together. Tough is going to hit us, and at times its going to hit harder than we were anticipating or would have liked, but at some point the pain will subside.  We can't look at life as just getting by, just making it through one trial at a time.  One hard time will come and go but another one is surely on its way- its just the nature of the beast.  So instead we have to stand up.  No matter how hard it is we have to plant our feet firmly, turn and face the bear hunt and walk towards the eye of the storm.  "Guess I'll have to go through it" so that one day I can come out of it. Lean on your life lines what every they are for you and know that you can do it.... giving up is a cop-out and we were made for more than that. 

"Tough times never last, but tough people do" 

Plus when we stand up and look around there is so much to be grateful for...

 We have so much to be grateful for living so close to such beauty. 

 And then two days later.... THIS happened.  Oh Utah and your love for bipolar weather patterns. Luckily we have had a lovely fall besides these few days early on that is snowed.


  1. I love this; you are such a good writer. And I adore the photos of you with your siblings-- you are the cutest bunch.

  2. So glad you are blogging again! When I get home can we just run away together for a weekend?!