Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How Strange Is This Gift Called: TIME

Well this is such a bittersweet week.  My finals are over, we saw our last play as a group and tomorrow we have to say goodbye. My program ends officially tomorrow and everyone will fly off to their next adventure.  Time is such a strange thing, It truly is a gift but one that slips away so quickly.  As I reflect back over the past 6 weeks I feel that my first day in London, when I walked onto South Kensington Road without the slightest idea where I was, seems decades ago.  Yet, the days in between then and now are a blur and I am struggling to come to an understanding of where the time has gone. There are so many things I am going to terribly miss about this city.  There are also things I am currently terribly missing about home.  I guess the best thing to do is live in the moment, love that moment and try not think too hard about what you should be missing - because that honestly will get you no where. London has been a remarkable experience, one in which I know I will not be able to forget. 

One of my favorite nights throughout this entire adventure was the night we did the London Eye.  The Eye is a giant ferris wheel located across the Thames from Parliament.  It sits right on the water's edge allowing passengers one of the best birds eye view of the whole city. The rotation of the Eye takes a half hour to complete - we loaded our large capsule and sat back to see a beautiful sunset soaked view of this city we have grown so fond of. 

 Tea at the Kensington Palace Orangery.
 My delicious fruit scone - complete with clotted cream and chamomille herb tea. yum.

We finally made our way over to the British Museum where we found the Rosetta Stone.  It was much larger than I was expecting. 
We recognized that we have been living in Europe for long enough now because we are starting to be on museum overload.  Unfortunately we have begun to be desensitized of seeing very old things... it starts to look very similar after you have walked through so many museums already.  But still we had a great time among the mummies and Roman statues.  

 The one and only..... ABBEY ROAD

This road is essentially just another extremely busy street in London.  Luckily when the crosswalk has black and white poles to the side, cars are required to stop for the crossing pedestrians.  This law was essential for our Abbey Road picture.  We didn't feel ridiculous at all as we crossed.

Leaving my John Hancock on the wall outside of Abbey Studios.

The entire wall was filled with lyrics, pictures, inscriptions and signatures.  

Our last play as a group... Haunting Julia. This show was surprisingly very scary! A very fun show to end on.

Audio Tour.

Ornate ceilings... I was actually allowed to take pictures inside this palace which was a first.

The cute Schneider family arrived today and let me tag along to tour St. Pauls Cathedral.  We climbed up many flights of stairs to reach the dome of the cathedral.  Carli and I have been training for this climb for six weeks as we make the daily ascend up 6 flights to our flat.  The view was great, this cathedral really is breathtaking. 

One of the greatest lesson I have been reminded of on this 6 week journey is the importance of creating and cultivating relationships.  All of my happiest moments in life have been memorable and wonderful because of the people that surrounded me.  I have had the opportunity to share six weeks with 34 strangers.  Out of these strangers I have discovered best friends, scholars, people whom I admire, individuals whose name I will surely see in lights one day, artists and intellectuals.  We all came here not knowing what to expect but with one goal: to gain something from London.  This goal was more than accomplished for me.  I have grown and learned and changed immensely over the past 6 weeks and I am so grateful for this opportunity to live abroad. Although my program has reached the finish line I don't have to say goodbye to Europe just quite yet! My Mom and Cate are frantically packing their things to catch a plane the Heathrow Airport tomorrow morning! See you in TWO DAYS guys! Can't WAIT!!! 


  1. I just saw your mom and Cate today. Cate has grown so tall and beautiful; she looks just like you! Be prepared for people to ask if you are twins while you are traveling.

    Your mom just gave me this link yesterday. You are a gifted writer and photographer. Now I need to read the whole blog!

    Hope to see you this summer. xoxo, Michelle

  2. Thanks so much Michelle! I love to look at your blog regularly - you are an amazing photographer. I love all of the colors you pull into your pictures!

    We need to do a fun family event youre boys are getting so big I can't believe it. Maybe attempt at Lake Powell again! xoxo