Friday, June 3, 2011

Woke Up In A City Near Picadilly.... oh this has gotta be the good life.

As Carli and I were frantically trying to pull our papers together last week we had her ipod playing on shuffle in the back ground.  Within the randomness that shuffle will bring to one ipod the song The Good Life by onerepublic began to play.  Joy over came us as we realized we are actually living in the city that this song is about! And you know what, this has gotta be the good good life.

Today we just arrived home from our trip to Stratford upon Avon.  This trip was packed full of action.  Our engergizer bunny professors had us constantly on the go!  There was hardly a moment that we were not moving.  Our entire group of 36 loaded onto a giant coach (aka a Greyhound Bus) and traveled to the place where the magician we have been studying for the past 5 weeks began his adventures.  Along the way we had several different stops.

Coventry Cathedral.
 During The Blitz most of the original cathedral was burned down.  All that is remaining is on the left had side.  The new cathedral (right) was built with a more modern look but was attached onto the remains of the old building which now stands as a memorial. 

Kenilworth Castle.

Anne Hathaway's Cottage. 
Not Devil Wears Prada, Anne Hathaway, but rather Shakespeare's mother's home.  

We found this furry guy at Mary Ardens Farm.  He is only 5 weeks old!

In Stratford we had the opportunity to see The Royal Shakespeare Company perform Macbeth as well as the Merchant of Venice.  

 We stayed in the most enchanting bed and breakfast just out side of town.  Our room was covered in pink and floral.  Carpet, mirrors, curtans, comforters... you name it.  But our beds were comfortable and we had drapes which is a serious upgrade from our flat room skylight that greets us each morning at the literal break of dawn..
Traditional English Breakfast: Eggs, grilled tomatoe and mushroom, bacon, ham sasage and toast. 
 Had to try it at least once.
 Row boats along the Avon.

Blenheim Palace.  Birthplace of Winston Churchill.
 The palace is surrounded by 200 acres of beautiful gardens and greenery.  

Oxford College.
 The Great Hall from non other than, Harry Potter!
 Quiditch Pitch was filmed here. 
Stopped in at the chapel in Christchurch.

Our whole crazy crew on the steps in Oxford. 

We speant Tuesday in the beautiful countryside of Kent. 

Apparently there are lavendar farms all over this area.  We stopped in a shop which sold anything and everything lavander could ever create: ice cream, soap, cookies, decorations, lotion, shortbread, chocolate, lip balm, perfume ect.  

 Farming Country.


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