Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Living on Island Time

Maui is a beautiful place. Being on island time and the hang loose mentality that surrounds me makes studying for finals and finishing papers quite difficult.

Glow stick kick ball - as you can see, the littles ended up with all of the glow sticks.

The dads settle down for their long summer naps... they need three towels each. Sorry kids, you can air dry.

Meg and I attempted to skim board. This activity results in a lot of AFV worthy falls intermixed with a few successful rides.

6 A.M. snorkel/kiak ride.... failure or success? It's a matter of opinion I suppose.
Recap: haul heavy kiaks through volcanic rock, load three people on a two person kiak, get halfway out only to have the kiak carrying Me, Megan and Spencer capsize, Spencer loses snorkel gear, rope to tie kiaks to the car sinks, Meg and I can't stop laughing the entire way back to shore - spence is less than amused. Mom is relieved we tipped, she was sure we would smash into the rocks. In the end we found a great place to snorkel in Turtle Bay. We did however have to hang out the windows of our red mini van and hold the kiaks on top of the roof, but hey, HANG LOOSE we're in Hawaii!

Hawaiian National Park

"looks like a banana, feels like an apple, tastes like crap." - Spencer Christensen

The first LDS church building in Hawaii, this is where the first Hawaiian members were baptised.

Maui Gold Pineapple fields

The North Shore

The fam headed to church

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