Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ode to the 50th State

Hawaii is part of the fifty nifty United States. Although street names such as Omaopio, Piliwale and Ho'Omaika are difficult for a Utahn girl to pronounce, they are nonetheless made up of the English alphabet. The cities are strewn with familiar restaurants and shopping centers, but when I am here I feel as if I stepped into a world far away from any US of A that I know. I feel like I am in a place from my days of make belief. As we hiked along the Manoa Falls Trail I couldn't help but feel that I was on a movie set. My surroundings were so beautiful, so lush and green I knew a gigantic dinosaur was bound to come crashing through the trees at any minute. With every bend in the trail a new scene was placed before us. Scenes that I would have once made fairy houses out of, scenes that Walt Disney dedicated his entire life to try and recreate.
There are so many parts of Hawaiian land that help me recenter my self. As I stand next to trees that extend to unseen heights and which have been growing for hundreds of years or peer out through an ocean that seems to have no end, I realize that I am small. And I must admit, I like this feeling of slight insignificance. I am reminded that as undecided as my future is, there is a world much larger world around me, needing attention. It is refreshing to stop worrying about myself, about decisions I must make and enjoy the grandeur and beauty of the world which surrounds me.

Peaceful right?

As we were waiting for our bags at the airport in Maui, Grace was more than capable of entertaining herself

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